Jessop and Stockwell Primary Schools became a formal federation in September 2014 however, they have been working collaboratively for many years. In 2019 the Federation began working in association with Bonneville Primary School, forming a partnership with the Federation in April 2019; all schools continue to maintain their distinctive identity.

Andrea Parker is the Lead Headteacher of the Jessop Stockwell Federation, now in partnership with Bonneville Primary School. Attached to the schools are two Children’s Centres which are managed by Clare Hudson, the Strategic Partnership Manager.

The federation takes pride in its wonderful pupils with an inspiring and creative curriculum and state-of-the-art learning environments. Stockwell is a 3 form entry which was recently graded “Requires Improvement” by Ofsted. Jessop is a 2 form entry primary school which was judged “Outstanding” by Ofsted in 2012. Our objective is to deliver a broad, balanced and imaginative curriculum in an environment conducive to learning and with a clear and determined focus on Working Together to Achieve Excellence.

About JS Federation

Jessop Stockwell Federation is a centre of excellence where every child

  • Healthy, Happy and Safe
  • Work in a creative and stimulating environment
  • Achieve high standards and develop a love of learning
  • Build strong partnerships with all staff, home and community

In order to achieve our vision, in the next 5 years we will aspire for the Jessop Stockwell Federation to be a centre of excellence.

Every child

  • Feels safe, valued and listened to
  • Is tolerant and inclusive
  • Is empowered to achieve, regardless of their starting point
  • Will, through our creative curriculum, develop their talents, and become an active independent learner with the skills and values to make a successful transition to the next stage in their education
  • Leaves the federation a creative caring individual; a global citizen equipped to make a positive contribution and shape a better world

All staff

  • Are highly motivated and dedicated
  • Exemplify best practice, resulting from outstanding & on-going professional development
  • Contribute to teaching and learning that aspires to be Outstanding
  • Receive excellent on-going professional opportunities
  • Are encouraged to innovate and develop their potential as leaders

The Federation

  • Provides a broad–based education, including music, arts and sports, as well as core subjects, as part of its creative curriculum
  • Is recognised regionally as a centre of excellence, innovation and best practice
  • Has a shared sense of values and accountability, understanding the communities it serves
  • Collaborates and benchmarks to add value to the individual schools
  • Always seeks value for money and economies of scale
  • Has the capacity to expand, without jeopardising its standards
  • Has an effective governing body which is able to hold the school leaders to account for delivering its vision

Parents and community

  • Recognise each school and Children’s Centre to be a community asset
  • Trust the Federation to nurture each and every child in its care
  • Know that their diversity is valued and celebrated
  • Support positive partnerships between the schools and parents and carers
  • Know that the Federation strives to develop partnerships to improve the education available to all local children

The Federation is based upon a collaborative approach and partnership which includes core elements such as:    

  • Teaching and learning
  • Principled ethos
  • Best practice
  • Professional development etc. 

Our continuing aim is to establish and maintain exceptional standards in the areas of:

  • Pupil achievement / raising standards
  • Parent and community engagement 
  • Strong and effective partnerships