The full governing body meets at least 5 times per year. Our committee meetings are where the main work of the governing body is carried out.

At the Jessop Stockwell Federation, we now have three committees that meet every term, the Resources Committee, Achievement & Curriculum Committee & Parent, Pupils, and Community Committee.

The Pay Committee meets annually to review staff pay

Full Governing Body Committee Terms of Reference PDF download
Achievement & Curriculum Committee Terms of Reference PDF download
Resources Committee Terms of Reference PDF download
Parent, Pupils, and Community Committee  Terms of Reference PDF download


SCHEDULE OF MEETINGS for the academic year 2020/2021

Full Governing Body (6-8pm)
Thursday 24th September 2020
Thursday 19th November 2020
Sunday 17th January (AWAY DAY)
Thursday 11th March 2021
Thursday 21st June 2021

Resources Committee (8:40-10:40am)

Thursday 8th October 2020
Thursday 21st January 2021
Thursday 27th May 2021

A&C (8:40-10:40am)
Wednesday 11th November 2020
Wednesday 27th January 2021
Wednesday 9th June 2021

PPC (8-10)
Friday 6th November 2020
Friday 5th February 2021
Friday 14th May 2021