Creative Curriculum

The core principles for the federation’s Creative Curriculum include:

  • A thematic approach to teaching and learning
  • Advocating a range of teaching strategies and learning styles
  • Promoting the importance of learning across the curriculum
  • Encouraging teachers to make children active partners in their learning
  • Encouraging teachers to structure tasks and pace of learning to make it challenging and enjoyable
  • Placing direct experience at the centre of the curriculum
  • Encouraging imagination and originality
  • Making time to reflect critically; Allowing space for thinking and choice
  • Sharing values and ethos with the whole school community
  • Promoting the importance of talk and collaboration in consolidating learning
  • Ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn from others

The Creative Curriculum is skills based and knowledge supported. Planning begins with an understanding of the key skills to be developed and the content is selected to support these. These key skills are sometimes subject based. Other times they are key skills for learning that enables children to become good communicators, solve problems, work well with others and ultimately improve their own learning performance.  Whilst recognising the validity of separate subjects within the primary curriculum, Stockwell’s Creative Curriculum also seeks to encourage links between subjects that will in turn strengthen learning.

All pupils at the Jessop Stockwell Federation follow the subjects in the National Curriculum and Lambeth Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.  The core subjects are English (Literacy), Mathematics (Numeracy), Science and Computing. The foundation subjects are Religious Education (RE), Design Technology (D&T), History and Geography (Humanities), Physical Education (P.E.), Music, Art, Personal, Social, Health & Emotional Education (P.S.H.E).