Denmark Visit

Denmark Visit Jessop Children’s Centre 23rd April 2015

On Thursday 23rd April, Jessop was asked to host a visit of a group from Denmark which included local Councilors, Children Services leads, and Childcare Representatives. They wanted to hear about the services we provide at our Children’s Centre, especially around SEN support and paid a keen interest to how the Children’s Centre and Early Years work together.

Laura Griffin Lambeth ‘Children’s Centre Strategic Lead’, Karen Nugent, ‘Local Authority Support Manager’,  Clare Hudson ‘Strategic Partnership Manager of Jessop and Stockwell’ Children’s Centre’s’ and Lilian Umekwe ‘Executive Headteacher of the Jessop Stockwell Federation’, were also present.

Laura Griffin outlined what would take place that day and the order of events Lilian explained to our visitors her role, and that of the children’s Centre, Clare talked about the sensory sensations group that started in the Jessop Children’s Centre in the summer of 2009 for children with high needs, and then showed a video of how that group has progress and how their needs have been met and exceeded by the Centre.

This then lead to a tour of the Children’s Centre which was running that same session, and a visit to the foundation stage hosted by Dougal Morton the Assistant Headteacher for the foundation stage. It was a chance for many more questions and to see the children for real. The visitors were extremely impressed with what they witnessed, the parental support for the session at the children’s Centre and the level of learning taking place in the nursery and foundation stage.

The welcome afforded them was very much appreciated and they had positive comments to make of all the staff, families and children they interacted with. They were determined to take their observations back to Denmark where the excellent practice they witnessed would be utilized.