Sports Day 2017

This year the Jessop Stockwell Federation celebrated their first ever joined Sports Day events.

On Tuesday 27th June, KS2 gathered at Crystal Palace Stadium to participate in a range of sporting activities designed to test their athletic abilities. Children from both schools mixed together into different teams to compete alongside their federation equals. The team names were inspired by great athletes and sports people chosen as inspiration for the values of sportsmanship, fairness, respect, courage, determination and friendship. Children thoroughly enjoyed the activities, challenged themselves, encouraged others and made new friendships. The day was rounded off by watching the ever enjoyable parents and teachers race!

On Wednesday 28th we had the pleasure to welcome the EYFS and KS1 children at Evelyn Grace Academy. This Sports Day included activities such as 20 metres relay, a dressing up race, throwing activities and a water race! All the children had a wonderful time and showed a brilliant range of skills and sporting values. In the afternoon the KS1 children had their turn in the same venue. They competed in 10 different activities with other children from the same year groups across the federation. These included Javelin throwing, long jump, an obstacle race, 25 metres race, 25 metres relay, an egg and spoon race and many more activities. Again, a fantastic day was had by all!


27/06/17 - Crystal Palace - AM


27/06/17 - Crystal Palace - PM


28/06/17 - Evelyn Grace Academy