Stockwell Primary School

At Stockwell Primary School we aim to develop children’s competence and abilities in the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics because these are the building blocks for all other learning.

The staff are committed to our inspiring and creative curriculum, which offers languages, sports and creative arts. Children have encounters with guest poets, authors, different animals including large reptiles and ducklings as well as actors who bring education to life while learning about different world cultures.

With our inclusive approach to education, every child is looked at as a whole and is challenged to be a responsible, confident person who is able to fully contribute to society. Stockwell reflects and embraces the diversity of the community and provides a high-quality learning environment that is stimulating and supportive for both children and adults.

This can be seen through our many cultural community events, seasonal fairs, parent forums, coffee mornings and many more occasions. Each offers an opportunity for stakeholders to work in partnership to provide a first class experience for the children.

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